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Our Process

Our Method and Process

First, we meet with you. We introduce ourselves and discuss your wants and needs regarding your landscaping project. This is also when we will inspect your property and address any concerns that you may have with your property.

Second, we will then work to provide you with a concept and design that fit your specifications as well as the physical limitations of your yard. This design is fluid and can change, so we will work with you to make sure the plan looks perfect. We will not move forward with the project until you are ready. 

Third, we will present the final design to you. During this time, a list of potential plants and materials will be provided as well. Once we have agreed on a design, we will work on a building timeline outlining your project.

Fourth, we will begin building and constructing your landscaping project. We will work according to the agreed-upon specifications and timeline so that you can get exactly what you are expecting when you are expecting it.

Fifth, we will walk you through the finished project. This is to ensure that you are happy with the final product. From there, we will work out a maintenance plan designed to keep your yard looking great for years to come.

Boulder Yard Decoration